Amongst various ingredients which are required for a successful business venture, Finance (or Capital) plays a very intrinsic role.


It is widely believed and endorsed by many management gurus that there are amongst others, four key components required for any entrepreneurial pursuit:

  • - An exciting Product/Business idea with in-built Entry Barriers

  • - Dedicated and Competent Human resource

  • - Unbiased and Business Friendly Market

  • - and last but not the least…Economical and Accessible Capital.

It would be prudent to mention here that the availability cost of these key components especially, human resource and Capital, directly effects the cost of deliverable product/business idea/service and indirectly influences the success of the same.

Going back to the accessibility and availability of the these key components, an exciting product/service or a business idea is inherent to the individual/group from whom it has germinated.

A creative business idea backed by inbuilt entry barriers are the back bone of a business venture.

As far as human resource is concerned, in India there is no dearth of competent human resource may it be Blue collared or White collared. Infact India has the highest number of English speaking Graduates as compared to its counterparts in the region.

Market reforms post 1991 have ensured that we have a very vibrant and mutually inclusive market place with minimal or no entry barriers where every player new or old, big or small has a fighting chance to survive and flourish.

The only fly in the ointment is Finance or Capital. The Banking Sector reforms have been lopsided which has resulted in the paucity of funds for not only the SME’s but the entire business-entrepreneur class. Somehow it is the collective wisdom of the Financial sector that the credit infusion is required either by the retail customer (in form of housing loan, car loan, or education loan) or by the Agriculturist and this is the driving force which influence the financial sector policies.

As Singularity Consulting, it is our earnest endeavour to make available capital- finance for all those business entities who require it either to start a new venture or expand on the existing one.

We through our networking have been able to leverage a win-win situation by forming a conduit between those who posses such Capital and those who want it.


Our services include:

• Working Capital Management

• Project Finance Management

• Venture Capital Management

• Asset Restructuring Management.

• Collaborations, Mergers & Acquisition Management