In todays time and era, for corporate entities to survive, they have to constantly evolve itself in terms of business and operational strategies.

In order to keep itself on a better footing than its competitor or perhaps simply be the pioneer in a particular field, a well calculated and decisive business strategy is the need of the hour these days.

Therefore the time has come when corporate entities, to keep itself abreast with its competitors, adopt thoroughly thought of successive strategies which support quick diversification in order to better its chances for accomplishment.

There are two ways of doing this, one is to put to use the resources internal to the corporate entity which may or may not be feasible owing to time and resource constraints and the other is to outsource the entire process to a external agency.

Whilst, it may seem prudent to let ones own team handle this, but it wouldnt be prudish to burden the team with new responsibilities. By doing this we are diverting their resources from the regular day to day operational functions resulting in bogging down the routine functioning which in turn would take us a step back.

Therefore, it would be wise to take on board external independent consultants who not only specialise in this sort of work but also would provide an unbiased bird-eye-view solution. And this is where Singularity Consulting steps in..........

Singularity is the quality or condition of being singular, of being particular, of being curious, of being extraordinary, of being remarkable; a trait marking one as distinct from others: a peculiarity ....something uncommon or unusual.

And this is the ethos, philosophy and work culture we bring to the table once we get involved with the organisation.

Your success becomes our success and Your failures ours.