We at Singularity Consulting act as an interface between client and the government/regulatory bodies including financial institutions and trade associations.

We have an in-depth knowledge of regulatory affairs (both at Centre Government and State Government level) which helps us to advice the client appropriately and save valuable time thus creating an edge for the client in terms of India/Market entry process.

Singularity Consulting collectively have experience in pressure group monitoring thus creating conducive environment for the client allowing it to pursue its commercial interests with ease.

Thus Singularity Consulting has specialist knowledge coupled with experience in the following arenas :

  • Market Entry & Business Entry Strategies with impetus on Brand establishment and growth.

  • Mergers & Acquisition with emphasis on Financial Reconciliation including Working Capital Provisions along with Project Capital infusion.

  • Corporate Restructuring

  • Regulatory and Enforcement Issues.

  • Market Intelligence with focus on Competitor Activity Tracking.